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Simple, Monetizable WiFi networks.

Everything your network needed is here, bundled together with our cloud controlled Access points


Creating truely open and monetizable wifi network.

Future of internet connectivity will revolve around public wifi networks, however monetizing free wifi networks has been a long standing problem. We at Splash Networks help solve this problem by streamlining existing methods and bringing innovative application to cloud controlled wifi networks.

About us

End-to-End WiFi Network Solution.

Our battle tested access points ensure amazing exerience for wifi users even under extreme load, while cloud controller delivers in-depth analytics and fine-grained control of the network.

Our cloud controller comes for free when you buy your first single Access point(s). Network deployment can be started with a single node which you can then seamlessly scale to as many access points as your network needs.

Cloud controller is pre-integrated with email and sms marketing modules. WiFi guests can be targetted using our campaign tool to deliver custom campaigns and offers. Future upgrades include support for other network devices (e.g. WiFi camera) and indoor positioning assistance.

Unbox and deploy

Our Access points come pre-integrated with the controller and deployment ready. Truely plug-n-play network, ready to be monetized.

Best in class

Easy access WiFi for your customers, valuable data for your business. Limitless possibilities, Highly customizable and a great UI.

Monetizable by design

Ready and integrated to be monetized. Be it plan based control of features, cedit card integration to publish marketing campaigns or letting users pay with their credit card to access internet access.


Easier to look at and access.

A great hardware is a must have for a great wifi experience and our custom access points delivers just that. Low latency and fast handover between APs are just few of the things it does right.
Each of our single band Access points can serve 30 simultaneous users at high bitrates.**

**Tested in real environment at more than 450 locations worldwide

Quick to deploy, useful for wifi users and a feature rich controller.

Via Javier Buenahora, CEO Megavista, Spain

Intutive Controller
Our long standing vision has been to bypass the usual network management system, and move forward with a more sophisticated yet simple framework. Thats why we have worked very hard to make our cloud controller intuitive to work with which does not need any knowledge of networking to set things up or to manage the network.
Battle tested ecosystem
Refined, polished and matured ecosystem which has been tweaked with the help of millions of users in 12 countries across 4 continents
Scales to your needs
With scalability at its core, you can start from a small network and grow as big as your network needs. Everything scales automatically.

Crafted with detail for a great start!
front-end, back-end and everything integrated seamlessly



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